Introducing dHive & Tonik

Avalon Collection is evolving, and we are proud to announce the addition of two new manufacturers: dHive & Tonik.


Tonik embodies the American spirit: we come from different backgrounds, we relish deep discussions of differing opinions that bring us closer together, we work hard with a can-do attitude, and we care about being good stewards to our next generations. And we do it in comfort and style. So take a trip. Take a dip. Take a sip. The world is a lot more interesting with a splash of TONIK.

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dHive is a US-based manufacturer with over two decades of experience providing architects and designers innovative environmental solutions.

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Serendipity with Sossego: [so-SAY-go]

Join the movement of Modern Brazilian Design from designer Aristeu Pires.

I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of the Sossego team this past week at NeoCon 2017 in Chicago.  Masterful melodies, authentic aesthetics, and lovely company of the team blended together for a most memorable evening.  Not only did I learn about the designer himself, the stories that illustrated the background of his pieces, but I learned his talents stretch farther-to the guitar.  It was such a nice change of pace and breath of tranquil, fresh air, to be able to collaborate with the very designer behind an outstanding product.  Let me know how I can assist you in creating a beautiful, tranquil space for you-through a simple, sweet, and modern design. 

Welcome to the Brand New Avalon Collection Website!

Welcome! The new Avalon Collection website features in-depth info and imagery for all of the lines we represent. Come back to this "What's New" page often to see the latest launches from each of our manufacturers: