TO MARKET was founded in 1998 on the principal of bringing “Alternative Materials for Interior Spaces” to the commercial marketplace.  We design and sell environmentally friendly, color coordinated, commercial flooring utilizing recycled and sustainable content, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology.


OzoGrip® features an environmentally friendly and innovative connecting technology using a patented diamond grip backing system. Designed for traffic areas in commercial or residential interiors, OzoGrip® can be installed directly over most old flooring with no floor prep as a floating tile or plank system. OzoGrip® is a durable, flexible and performance- driven solid surface flooring.


Atmosphere Recycled Rubber Flooring is manufactured from post-consumer, recycled tire rubber, along with EPDM colored rubber granules, homogeneously mixed throughout into a unique, colorful, and performance driven, non-laminated flooring product.

Atmosphere Recycled Rubber Flooring offers superior resilience and comfort under foot while providing anti-fatigue performance; has extraordinary vibration dampening qualities for foot and rolling traffic noise; offers outstanding slip resistance, both wet and dry; provides superior stain resistance; and is easy to install and maintain in all types of commercial environments.

Custom options including special color blends are available upon request, as well as individual logo or graphic designs utilizing in-house, state-of-the-art water-jet technology.


OzoTEC® Preserve, the healthy flooring solution, is a commercial sheet vinyl floor that has a no wax, no buff, scuff resistant high definition OzoCoat+ Technology for superior stain resistance, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and non-toxic sterilization protection. 

OzoCoat+ Technology provides better protection, better air quality, requires less water, cleaners, chemicals and energy to maintain the floor.


Unicork has exceptional physical properties including acoustical and thermal insulation, durability, resistance to mold and mildew, naturally hypo-allergenic, and easy to clean. Because of the natural air filled structure of the cork core, the tiles have excellent resilience with inherent sound absorbing qualities, as well as a cushioned feel under foot. Unicork floors are unique, quiet, comfortable and environmentally sensitive. Manufactured from the bark of cork trees, Unicork is nature’s gift for a beautiful, functional and long-lasting floor.


Urban Plank is part of the Formis flooring line. Formis fully integrated solid surface flooring, originally inspired by Lee Mullican’s artwork of brilliant energy and light designs, offers a luxurious selection of color and texture options. Formis boasts superior wear with greater slip and scratch resistance that is easy to clean. Installation is easy and uses its own brand of water-based adhesive, making it a great non-toxic, environmentally friendly recycled flooring solution.